Tycely Williams

Tycely Williams

Tycely Williams Collaborates to Address Social and Economic Issues in Washington DC and Around the World

As Chief Development Officer of The Bipartisan Policy Center, as well as a global volunteer, Tycely Williams has had to work closely with individuals and organizations to navigate a variety of challenges.

When Williams received feedback that an American volunteer on a project she was spearheading didn’t understand the way an issue impacted less privileged countries, she tapped into the toolbox she developed as a Junior League Member. She invited a diverse group of individuals to the mediation table. She acknowledged that as an American, she too possessed a great deal of privilege. Ultimately, Williams used her privilege to create a fairer process that considered all perspectives when making decisions, rather than “the conscious or unconscious bias of one decision maker,” she says. “By enlarging the lived experiences and countries of origin of the decision-making body, I was able to use my privilege in service to others and mostly importantly to the principle of fairness.”

This is far from the only time that being a Member of the Junior League of Washington for nearly two decades has helped Williams “[meet] the unmet needs of underrepresented identities, [secure] resources for deserving communities, and [create] inclusive cultures where people can live free from stigma, bias, and discrimination.” Thanks to her Junior League experience—which includes serving as President, Strategic Planning Council Director, Gifts-In-Kind Chair, and Corporate Partnership and Development Chair—Williams has been able to collaborate with others to address both social and economic issues. Her work in her community seeks to solve systemic problems that prevent women and people of color from experiencing happy and healthy lives. In addition to advocating for equitable policy changes at the federal and state level, she works with leaders to increase awareness of the need for positive organizational changes that dismantle sexism and racism.

“My work creates a pathway for corporate and not-for-profit entities to reshape internal policies and procedures while introducing practices that enable women and people of color to work, play, worship, learn, and live free from hostility and harm,” Williams says.

As a Junior League Member, Williams has learned how to drive action by making difficult decisions while preserving important relationships with people who have different viewpoints than she does. When working with and learning from others, she always leverages what The Junior League has taught her.