Betsy Wilkerson

Betsy Wilkerson

Council Member Betsy Wilkerson grew up in Spokane and is proud to be the second African American Councilwoman in the city’s history. She has raised two children in the city and is a proud, active grandmother of three. Appointed in 2020, she has championed many causes including the naming of Whistalks Way after a Spokane Tribe heroine and assuring that businesses of color get their fair share of assistance during the global pandemic.

Betsy joined the Junior League of Spokane in 1989 saying, “The Junior League has been very progressive in lifting up women of color. They really helped me learn not just skills like running meetings and leading initiatives for social change but also how to make lasting friendships like the many Junior League sisters that serve in public office alongside of me.”

During her time in the Junior League, Betsy led the inaugural ball for Mayor Jim West and focused on initiatives around empowering women and helping children.

She also runs a business that houses individuals with disabilities. Betsy is familiar with the volunteer and non-profit world, serving as chair of the Carl Maxey Center, the Women Helping Women Fund, the Heart Association and serving on numerous boards like the Innovia Foundation and the Spokane Housing Ventures Board.

Betsy is wholeheartedly committed to building a community that is inclusive of everyone and wants to help every person in Spokane realize their full potential.