Megan Kelley

Megan Kelley

Serves Through Leadership In Columbus, Georgia

For Megan Kelley, President-Elect of the Junior League of Columbus, GA, leadership is service. An attorney and business owner, she supports her community through leadership roles both within and outside of her League, particularly working on projects that have a positive impact on women, children, and vulnerable populations.

Whether working as an assistant district attorney, seeking alternative resolutions for lower level drug offenders, or running her business called “Affordable Prom Ballgowns”, that brings affordable ball gowns to teens, “the leadership skills I have learned in the Junior League have helped me every day,” says Kelley. “I have had the confidence to address community issues and call political leaders over community problems. I have learned how to manage teams with respect and tact both at work and in the community.”

Kelley’s Junior League training has served her particularly well when she has had to relay a disappointing message. She strives to speak to the other party with care and respect, and make them feel they’re being treated fairly. It has also been instrumental in navigating conflicts within and across organizations.

“Once we realize that we are often reaching toward the same goal, it is easier to see where people are coming from,” says Kelley. “I always put the mission first which gives me an ability to put differences aside for the good of everyone.”

Within her League, Kelley is also chair of the Community Council and has served as the State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) chairwoman. She oversees holiday gifts and meal gift cards for parents and children to the school her League partners with, as well as SPAC projects monitoring legislation, and the annual Project Prom. She is also involved with the Junior League of Columbus’ Kids in the Kitchen festival that encourages healthy eating and their efforts as the only Diaper Bank within a 90 mile radius.

In the future, Kelley plans to take her leadership of women, girls, and vulnerable populations to the state and national level by running for political office.