Enjoli Reed

Enjoli Reed

Over nearly 10 years in the Junior League of Moore County, Enjoli Reed has developed her leadership skills, taking on roles including President, Corresponding Secretary, Community Chair, Fundraising Chair, Provisional Chair, and Membership Chair. Now she is empowering fellow Members with tools to help them grow as leaders. She serves as a mentor to current leadership and new Members, strategizing to find ways they can use both their strengths and interests to promote the League and collaborate with their communities.

Taking on a leadership role hasn’t always been easy. During Reed’s first year as a Board Member, she struggled to balance advocating for decisions that were in the best interest of the League and making choices that members would support. “I am a friendly and outgoing person who likes for those around me to be happy,” says Reed. “I have made lots of friends in this League and I had to understand that some [people] could be disappointed in a decision made by the Board, but the bylaws and the best interest of the League [had] to come first.”

Fortunately, Reed’s best qualities include listening, communicating, and problem-solving. Thanks to a Junior League training session with consultant Vicki Clark, Reed built on her communication skills by learning how to approach delivering information in a variety of ways, depending on Members’ learning styles. Gaining these skills allowed her to help Members digest and retain information, and create a more positive, collaborative environment.

When Reed joined her League, she “was looking for a way to continue to grow as a leader, to be educated about the needs and wants of my community, and to give back with the time and resources available to me,” she says.

Whether mentoring fellow Members, contributing to the development of her League’s small League action plan, updating bylaws, or helping women and children receive basic needs like food, shelter, and clothes, Reed has seen her plans for herself and her community come to fruition with the Junior League of Moore County.