Meet Katie Duffin

Katie Duffin is a dedicated leader with a passion for fostering inclusivity and driving organizational excellence. With a diverse background in both nonprofit leadership and corporate management, Katie brings a wealth of experience to her roles and is currently serving as a Governance Committee Member for The Junior League of St. Louis. 

Throughout her tenure in The Junior League, Katie has held numerous leadership positions, including President, Secretary, and various committee chair roles. Notable achievements include crafting and implementing an evergreen strategic plan, establishing sustainable organizational structures emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices, and revamping recruiting and onboarding practices to enhance diversity and retention. She has also spearheaded initiatives such as revising governing documents, establishing the first DEI fund, and leading the implementation of a point-of-sale system for the league’s boutique. 

In her professional career, Katie serves as the Vice-President of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and Customer Service at Compana Pet Brands. She leads transformative efforts to achieve best-in-class outcomes, demonstrating her strategic acumen and operational expertise. 

Katie holds a certificate from Harvard Business School’s Program for Leadership Development, equivalent to an executive MBA, along with an MBA from Missouri Baptist University and a BA from Saint Louis University. Her accolades include winning the Harvard Alumni Challenge and receiving the Vi-Jon Chairman’s Award for her outstanding contributions to the organization. 

Katie believes deeply in the transformative power of volunteering. She sees volunteer work as an opportunity to expand one’s worldview, foster meaningful connections, and promote mutual understanding. Through engagement in volunteerism, individuals transcend personal boundaries, gain insights into the complexities of the world, and embrace diversity. Katie believes that volunteering breaks down barriers, builds community, and fosters an environment of mutual respect and understanding.