Meet Anita Duenas

When Anita Dueñas joined The Junior League of Fort Myers in 2007, she was looking for an opportunity to be of service, learn new skills, and be a part of something big. She found that and more in The Junior League. As she has grown in her League and professionally, her accomplishments have each been marked by her commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

Using her analyst background in communications and technology, Anita demonstrated her forward-thinking approach by leading the implementation of Digital Cheetah as early adopters of the technology. In addition, Anita defined the role and served as the first Communications Vice President for her League in 2010, recognizing the need for more modern, unified communications and advocating for broader outreach both within and outside the League. Her initiatives in membership development include the introduction of flexible commitments and spearheading new member training programs that led to remarkable first-year retention rates. In 2020, she and her DEIB colleagues delivered her League’s first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training, emphasizing the importance of creating an inclusive environment. As President of her League, Anita focused on creating new partnerships in the community for her League’s programs and largest fundraiser. Her contributions have been recognized with the President’s Award in 2008 and the inaugural Legacy Award in 2022.

Beyond her involvement with The Junior League, Anita has served in leadership positions on the boards of the Children’s Advocacy Center and Healthy Start of Southwest Florida, further amplifying her commitment to social causes. Professionally, Anita serves as a Product Manager at Cision, Inc., where she oversees the strategy for technology tools supporting a $400M content distribution system. In addition to her responsibilities, she holds leadership roles in Employee Resource Groups focused on Women in R&D and Sustainability, aligning her professional expertise with her passion for diversity and inclusion. Anita holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications (PR & Marketing) from Florida International University and a certification in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace from the University of South Florida. In addition to her Agile software development certification, she is pursuing certification in Product Management with the use of A.I.

Outside of her professional and volunteer endeavors, Anita cherishes her Cuban heritage through cooking and enjoys hosting a Restaurant Club for her League, which explores new culinary experiences. She enjoys using her background in technology and communications to serve smaller non-profit organizations and to encourage young women to pursue careers in STEM. Anita’s philosophy centers on the power of teamwork and partnerships in driving meaningful change. She remains dedicated to fostering collaboration to maximize collective impact and create a brighter future for her community and beyond.