Meet Alex Zucco

With nearly two decades of dedicated service and a passion for community empowerment, Alex Zucco embodies the very spirit of The Junior League. From her early days as an active member in Sacramento to her pivotal roles in Pasadena, Alex has continually demonstrated her commitment to driving positive change.

Throughout her tenure, Alex has held various leadership positions, including Provisional Chair, League Events Coordinator, Cookbook Chair, Publicity Chair, Fundraising Vice President, and ultimately, serving as President for three transformative years. Under her guidance, she spearheaded initiatives that not only sustained membership levels during challenging times but also restructured the League’s governance to better align with its current needs, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

One of Alex’s notable achievements was her instrumental role in advocating for the “Seat at the Table” recommendations, which aimed to promote inclusivity within the League. Her efforts in presenting the recommendations at the Annual Conference and rallying support resulted in an overwhelming majority vote, solidifying her reputation as a persuasive and effective leader.

Beyond her involvement in The Junior League, Alex has been deeply engaged in various community endeavors. She served as a Girl Scout leader for 15 years, held positions on the Girl Scout Council Board, and assumed leadership roles in the Parent-Teacher Association and neighborhood associations. Her commitment to community service extends to her professional life, where she currently serves as the State & Federal Policy Manager at the California Student Aid Commission, advocating for equitable access to postsecondary education.

Alex’s educational background in Criminology/Sociology, coupled with her training from the Women’s Campaign School at Yale, has equipped her with the skills to navigate complex policy landscapes and drive meaningful legislative change. Her ability to build coalitions and engage stakeholders underscores her effectiveness as a policy advocate.

Reflecting on her journey, Alex emphasizes the profound impact of her volunteer experiences and the relationships forged along the way. She views each project as an opportunity for personal growth and strives to deepen her involvement to maximize its impact. For Alex, The Junior League isn’t just a platform for community service—it’s a catalyst for meaningful connections and lasting change.