Meet Morgan Gaynor

Morgan Gaynor is a seasoned marketing professional with a deep commitment to community health and women’s empowerment. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, lead generation, and strategic growth, Morgan has made a lasting impact in various high-profile roles. 

Her journey began in the asset management industry at WBI Investments, where she quickly became known for her innovative approach to digital marketing. As Communications Director, Morgan helped spearhead groundbreaking initiatives that positioned WBI as a pioneer in digital engagement within the traditionally conservative financial sector. Building on her foundation at WBI, Morgan expanded her influence to ETF providers Emles Advisors and ETF Managers Group, applying her innovative marketing strategies to enhance brand awareness, stakeholder engagement, and lead generation. Her adaptability and leadership in digital marketing within the financial sector underscore her ability to thrive in diverse environments.  

As President of the Junior League of Monmouth County, Morgan has spearheaded impactful initiatives such as the Period Project. Launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, this initiative has distributed over 100,000 period products to underserved populations, demonstrating her innovative approach to addressing community needs. 

Morgan’s personal battle with stage IV low-grade serous ovarian cancer—a rare subtype that disproportionately affects younger women—has deeply influenced her advocacy work. As a board member and Secretary of the STAAR Ovarian Cancer Foundation, the only U.S. charity dedicated to fundraising for this subtype of ovarian cancer, she has been a formidable force in organizing key FDA meetings, advocating for patient perspectives, and raising awareness about clinical trials and cancer treatments. Since joining STAAR’s board, she has helped direct over $500,000 in funding towards lifesaving research. 

Morgan received her Master of Business Administration from Monmouth University and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing & Finance from Philadelphia University. Her professional achievements and personal journey exemplify her resilience and commitment to making a significant impact in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. Her efforts not only advance research and support for ovarian cancer but also enhance the quality of life and opportunities for women in her community. 

Residing in Highlands, NJ, Morgan continues to inspire and lead through her professional endeavors and philanthropic activities, making a lasting difference in the lives of many.