Meet Erin Stone

Erin Stone grew up in Frederick County, Maryland. After moving to North Carolina for college, she was educated at the University of North Carolina- Greensboro. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a Master of Arts degree in Global Studies. She uses her education in her work for a global organization, daily working with teams and suppliers abroad. 

Erin currently resides in Trinity, NC with her husband and is an active member of the Junior League of High Point nearby. 

As a dynamic woman in leadership, Erin leverages her role as Vice President of SLH, the contract hotel furniture division of Hooker Furnishings, to champion the advancement of women within her organization. In a traditional industry like furniture, development of underrepresented groups is essential. At Hooker Furnishings, she has been instrumental in nurturing aspiring female leaders and people of color, providing them with opportunities for growth and mentorship that have propelled them to excel in management roles. 

Her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is evident through her pioneering role as the inaugural co-chair of Hooker Furnishings’ DEI council. Under her guidance, the company has made significant strides in promoting gender and racial diversity, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and heard. Erin’s goal as chair of the DEI council is to drive meaningful change and foster a culture of inclusivity. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Erin’s passion for community service shines through her active involvement in the Junior League of High Point. From serving on committees to assuming leadership roles, she embodies the values of flexibility, inclusivity, and goal orientation that define her approach to both work and service. She has served on the Membership committee, as Membership Committee Chair, as Secretary, and as Board Member at Large. She rises to President-Elect in 2024-2025, and to President in 2025-2026. Her corporate expertise in organizational restructuring will be invaluable as the Junior League emerges from a transformative renewal phase and seeks to embark on new initiatives aligned with its mission. 

Erin’s commitment to service extends beyond the Junior League, as evidenced by her membership in WithIt, a network of furniture professionals, her past mentorship tenure with UNCG Guarantee, and her affiliation with NEWH, a network of hospitality professionals. Her dedication to uplifting women and underrepresented groups and fostering a culture of celebration and inclusion drives her every day.