2024 Leadership Award - Division 2

In 2022-2023, The Junior League of Annapolis embarked on an ambitious endeavor to enhance member training through the creation of the Annapolis Leadership Initiative for Growth and Networking (ALIGN). JLA had noticed that volunteers gravitate toward work in areas where they can contribute effectively. Recognizing the importance of a diversified skill sets in volunteer work, ALIGN was established to provide comprehensive leadership development opportunities across various domains.  

Driven by a commitment to advancing women’s leadership and community impact, ALIGN aimed to equip members with the necessary tools for meaningful engagement. ALIGN’s goal is to offer training led by subject matter experts in order to enhance leadership expertise. With an annual investment of $10,000, ALIGN received support from local grantmaking organizations, underscoring the program’s significance in the Annapolis area.  

ALIGN is available to JLA members, members of the two other Maryland-based Junior Leagues, as well as current and former JLA Community Partners. Since its inception, ALIGN has reached over 300 individuals from 30 different nonprofits. Each organization serves hundreds of community members, expanding the true reach exponentially.   With a focus on inclusivity, ALIGN welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds, ensuring balanced representation and a rich tapestry of perspectives. Congratulations, Junior League of Annapolis!  

2024 Leadership Award - Division 3

The Junior League of the Palm Beaches recognized that in a post-COVID world, their members had a decreased education in league operations and overall non-profit requirements. In response, they created a curriculum, titled The President’s Leadership Series, with the goal of re-focusing JL of the Palm Beaches on training women in leadership in order to best serve both their League and the local community. Spearheaded by President Chelsea Bellew, JL of the Palm Beaches utilized AJLI resources to enhance preexisting knowledge on the topics such as Board Service, How to Be an Effective People Manager, Non-Profit Finance 101, Putting the Fun into Fundraising, and Communications Training.  This project embodies the Junior League Mission, and each session targets a different advancement in women’s leadership including volunteer action, collaboration and training. Attendance at each session was strong and led to more interest in self-nominations for the upcoming league year. The curriculum not only provided mission-based value to members of JL of the Palm Beaches, but also positively impacted community partners by better preparing volunteers to impact the community as a whole. Congratulations to the Junior League of the Palm Beaches! 

2024 Leadership Award - Division 4

The Junior League of Washington is dedicated to cultivating leadership skills among its members through their Leadership Institute Committee. This committee collaborates with other JLW Leadership to develop and coordinate programs and resources aimed at enhancing leadership capabilities among the more than 140 current and future JLW leaders. This committee also oversees the JLW Leadership Institute curriculum, which includes managing the League’s Get on Board (GOB) training, Summer and Mid-Year Training Sessions, and creating additional trainings, workshops, and seminars as needed. JLW’s leadership training focuses on multiple areas necessary for non-profit and League leadership development, including competencies and skills in areas such as collaboration and negotiation, commitment to diversity and inclusion, effective resource utilization, logistics management, relationship building and networking, and strategic thinking. These skills are crucial for effective community and civic leadership and align with JLW’s mission to advance women’s leadership for meaningful community impact through volunteer action, collaboration, and training.  

In 2024, JLW launched its inaugural Get on Board 2.0 training program, designed to deepen members’ knowledge, experience, and potential impact in the Washington, DC community and beyond. Different from its 1.0 counterpart, this program featured an advanced curriculum and provided participants with additional exposure to nonprofit and corporate executives, equipping them with valuable skills and resources to serve on boards that benefit the greater good.  The Get On Board 2.0 was made possible by gifts to the JLW in remembrance of past JLW and POLL President Elizabeth Marshall Keys.  Elizabeth’s vision and passion for women’s training and development continue to inspire JLW members to excel in leadership roles. The success of both Get on Board 1.0 and 2.0 and other Leadership Institute Committee trainings underscores the dedication JLW has for the training and development of our members and their commitment to making a positive impact in their communities, along with continuing Elizabeth’s legacy.  

Congratulations to the Junior League of Washington, DC!